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»BFA - Fabricated or Structural Steel Reels & Steel Reels with Finned Flanges for cable Catalog  

Steel drums for cables, wires and strands. This reel type can be designed for internal process or for shipping purposes with dimensions according to DIN standards or to customers' specifications. This reel type can be manufactured with solid flanges (BFP type), pressed "finned" flanges (BFA type) or with steel plates reinforced by rolled sections (BCS type).

BFA - Fabricated or Structural Steel Reels

Lifting pockets, partial machining and a dynamic balancing are available as option for high speed applications, in addition to central interchangeable bushes and drum twister reinforcements. The reel design is checked by our designer engineers according to the required capacity and the specific application. Capacity tests are also available upon request. The reels are supplied provided with epoxy-coating or hot-galvanization and rubber coatings for cable protection are also available.

BFA - Fabricated or Structural Steel Reels


Interchangeable Tooling Heads for Straightening & Cutting!

The TRAMEV line of cutting tools, available in North America through Lesmo Machinery America, Inc., offers a full range of portable tooling for shearing, cutting, straightening and bending of rebar, metal wire, cable, rod, bar and chain.

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